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It Could Always Be Worse...

So, it seems I have just a touch of breast cancer.

A spiculated mass. Lobular Carcinoma, Stage 1. Very, very small and found quite early.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a regularly scheduled mammogram; two days later, an ultrasound. Friday, March 13, I had a breast and lymph nodes biopsy. Even before the results were in, every medical professional I encountered indicated that they expected it would be cancer. Yet every one of them also stressed that it was very, very small and found quite early.

It took until Thursday of the next week to get the results showing good news / bad news. The good news: the lymph nodes are clear. Bad news: all the medical professionals were right and the mass that was biopsied is malignant.

Within a few days, I saw a surgeon - Dr. Richard Geer - and he scheduled me for this Monday, March 30. I will undergo a lumpectomy using a magseed locator. That just means I have a teeny tiny magnet in place so the surgeon will be guided to exactly the right spot.

The outpatient surgery will be done at Sarah Cannon Cancer Center at Centennial and will last an hour. I won’t be under full anesthesia and I’ll be home by mid-day. The recovery time is minimal. I will not need chemo or radiation.

All in all, I’m very lucky.

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