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Okay, Well It IS Worse...

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

A while back, I wrote a Facebook note detailing what I was going through with breast cancer - found early, very small, Stage 1, lumpectomy, over and out. Everyone was very happy with the outcome. Including me. Since that was taken care of, I moved on to deal with another issue I was experiencing. My doctor ordered an endoscopy during which a “bleed” was discovered. The endocrinologist did a biopsy as long as I was having the procedure. The biopsy revealed breast cancer cells in my stomach.

That means the no-big-deal breast cancer suddenly turned into a pretty big deal - Metastatic Breast Cancer. Stage 4. Incurable... but treatable.

About a month ago, I had a full body scan and bone scan. The good news is there is (as of now) no other spread to other organs or bones, just the cells in my stomach. The oncologist started me on Chemo in pill form. There are fewer side effects (and I’m not losing my hair). I’ve just started the second course of the Chemo pill. In six more weeks, I will have the scans again to determine if any changes have occurred in either direction.

I’m experiencing severe anemia, very low blood counts, which is the only thing making me feel unwell. But I had one blood transfusion a couple of weeks ago which, unfortunately, only helped for about a week. I had a second transfusion on Monday. Tuesday I ran errands for four hours; Wednesday I did three loads of laundry and other chores; today, I rearranged my kitchen pantry. I hope this energy lasts!

So, that’s where I am. The decision to share this information with you all was due to multiple inquiries for a health update. It seemed like a good idea to tell everyone everything and all at once.

I don’t need anything - not at this time. Not a meal train, not a Go-Fund-Me, not your bone marrow - not at this time. I don’t want to be “Cancer Girl” because I’m very lucky that things are not too bad - not at this time. Your kind words, good thoughts, prayers if that’s what you do, are all welcome. Comments, messenger messages, texts, calls, are all welcome. Just please don’t tell me about other people you know who have or are going through cancer - every person’s journey is different and I don’t find hearing about them helpful.

Other than that, all I ask is that you don’t treat me like I’m sick!

I love you all (maybe even a little bit more now).

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