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Updated: Sep 2, 2023


**For the very first time

In August 2021, I finally moved into the house I'd bought in March of that year. It took months to clean, paint, repair, have COVID, chase down the moving company for my belongings (three partial deliveries over three months), have cancer, have cancer treatments... Thanks to Sarah and Mark pitching in, we got it all done.

Then Houma was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Ida. My house was spared from having too much damage but my backyard fence went to the Land of Oz. Or somewhere.

At first, it was not a priority. Then, it appeared impossible to get materials. So I started collecting fence boards from Facebook Marketplace. When I got enough to put up one side between me and Mr. Johnnie - a fence man by trade - I provided the boards and he did the work. But he made it clear I would need to pay him for the back and the other side. Again, we collected fence boards and I saved my nickels and dimes.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Johnnie and his (grown) son Anthony started work on the back and side. Just a few days ago, they finished.

Because the boards are from different places and with different levels of wear and age, it has a really great distressed look just like I wanted. BUT...

I feel a strong call for my backyard space to be colorful, whimsical and fun. It needs to be my happy place. So I've decided to paint different areas of the fence with murals. I previously alluded to my studio apartment. Outside that window, a Second Line will be marching by. And I'm going to have a selfie station but will wait to tell you about that when it's finished. Suffice it to say, you're all invited over for photos!

I've received a piece from a certain former client which will have to be seen to be believed. Or is that Believe It When I See It?

That's a long way to get to the ask, isn't it?

I would LOVE to include bits and pieces from all of you:

a sketch

a doodle

a self portrait

a pet portrait

a couple of lines from a favorite song

a couple of lines from a favorite poem

whatever you would like to see on my fence

colorized or a line drawing

3-D art piece that can be affixed to the fence (needs to be weather tolerant

A few restrictions: no fine art (it's not my style and I wouldn't be able to reproduce it)

no really dirty words (my family has to be able to enjoy the space)

no art that belongs to someone else (if you send it, make sure it's yours)

A personal invitation:

if you are in the South Louisiana area (or travelling through), come to my house and paint directly onto the fence!

That's it really. We will use a projector to uh, well, project, the image onto the fence and we will then replicate it as close to the piece as possible. (If you have a preference, just

say "make it big" or "keep it small.")

Send me a digital image, a drawing in the mail or any way that is convenient for you.

All participants will receive credit where credit is due and will be recipients of my everlasting gratitude and love. Which you already have. But even more.

Who will play along???

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