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Here's Where It Got Weird, Pt. 2: Wanda and Jerry

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

More from the Ouija board, 1973... In the '70s, before my dad, Jerry, started his advertising agency, he briefly had a coin and stamp shop. That's what a lot of this part is referring to but I don't recall what year that was and if the below is before or during the time the shop was open.

Jack is here yes. Ronnie is here yes dead. 1967. Ronnie died California yes. Yes. Nell put birthday on soul

Very hard to make messageright. Spelling hard another way better.

Yes you can learn better way. Yes.

Have to have quite hard to get thru with static. Leave then in other yes room.

Wanda is leaving. Yes. Reason too hard. deneoma yes.

Wanda won't no attentions yes. Said I would answer. Yes.Not more but can tell some ti bobat.

Yes. No. Yes. A should has no age. Yes. Don't ask aboutWanda. Ask about yourself. Self will try. Yes.

Who do you want. I will see if I can find he.

Should some aren't close. Put in name on paper.

Wanda knows now. Ask question.

Put name. Make another one. Life yes. Rather than stay.Yes.

I didn't put his day bed together. Bothered me. Yes.

Your person. Yes. Yes.

Only if you want her to. Yes. Yes.

Not clear. Will try to locate noen mother.

Mother wearlly clear yes.

Thinks about question. Don't let them know.

Now isn't time.

Another question.

Take care January 23. Yes. Be careful. Stay home. Yes.

Raw day. Doesn't take near off kind a cocotion[concoction?] not as much action. Yes. Yes.

Not answer. Yes.

Jerry. Boy. Yes. Another disappointment about kanro Yes.

About yes very a bad narrow yes so oha soon top valueyes. Need feel better.

Now ask Jerry about Jerry answer. Now ask. Yes. Yes.

Another work yes day it will about big money. Read allwant ads yes Jerry.

Ray has the answer yes. Was only way to answer. Yes.

Read all want ads in material will be answer. Yes.

Study new field now. Yes. Yes.

About not able to understand. Very soon. Yes. Yes. No.Yes Yes.

Have good future. Learn yes so won't trouble Jan soonkadimars wt woman. No.

A partner. Yes.

Jerry you will make money soon. Read all ads. Coin willbe need very bad. Jerry.

Partlonigr. Yes. Another time.

Stay with coins and Jerry read all ads. Not right away.Will be able to find it later.

No. Yes. No. No. Yes.

Look for coin advertised. No better life on earth waspartly in gold. No. Silver. Yes. Not silver dollar. Silver proof*. Yes.

Find person. Yes. Want ads. Yes.

Coin world no. New Orleans paper will find in other.Look Baton Rouge paper. Wade a man who wants like your coin not his.

Wants lostcoin and wants claim coin. Rich. Wants to claim his coin. Under glass but not William. Quit money. Yes. Yes. Wants total another way. Someday. No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Another yes could have hurt Jerry. Lied bad.

*Sometimes silver coins or so-called "art bars" commemorated an event or expressed a sentiment. Sometimes the silver coin or bar would be embellished with a bit of gold. I think this refers to one that may have depicted a scene and the phrase "No better life on earth" but I haven't been able to find such a thing.

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