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Random Message From The Universe?

As some of you might know, recently a college friend passed away in Louisiana. I was double checking on the arrangements for his memorial by going to the website of the funeral home where it's scheduled to be held. I clicked on the link for "Current Obituaries" thinking I would find the details there.

Instead, I found the name of the wife of a cousin of mine: Jane Cognato Hendrix. She was married to Homer Hendrix, whose father, Howard Homer Hendrix was brother of my grandfather, George Austin Hendrix. They were two of the 11 children (who lived past infancy) of Curdeney Morrow and Dock Hendrix.

Yes, Dock. His parents didn't give him a name, they just called him boy or son. When he was old enough to choose, he chose Dock - not after the doctor who assisted in his birth but after his best friend, a sharecropper's child who was named Dock (after the doctor who assisted in his birth).

Anyway, there in the obituary was listed my generation of cousins, none of whom I know. I left information on how they can reach me and asked that they be in touch.

This is what happens when the universe slaps you upside your head. Do THIS. Go HERE. See THAT.

I hear you loud and clear - I'm not sure what you're saying, but I hear you!

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