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Open Letter To A Migraine

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Hello, Migraine.

If you heard that in the same tone Jerry Seinfeld used to greet Newman, you will know it's not the warm greeting you may have hoped for. The truth is, I was just about as pleased to see you three days ago as Jerry was to see his nemesis. It's been awhile since you've come to stay. Thanks to botox therapy 10 years ago, any attempts by you to set up camp here have been thwarted by 50mg of sumatriptan.

So why now? What makes you think now is a good time to make yourself at home? Do you think it's convenient for me to take to the bed with a cold cloth on my eyes every afternoon? Am I happy to have the equivalent of The Singing Bush* in my brain through auditory hallucinations? Is it easy for me to fight my way out of a groggy drug-induced sleep every morning?

No, no and no.

As Benjamin Franklin is often quoted, "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days."

The same goes for you, Migraine.

As Jerry Hendrix often said, "Git from here!"

Migraine, that goes double for you.

Sincere (but not fond) regards,

Cathy's Head

*The Singing Bush:

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