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I Had A Dream Last Night (So Long, Johnny)

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I had a dream last night Last night I had a dream Everything was black and white And it smelled like gasoline We stood in the corner And I held you tight I kissed your mouth Till my head got light Last night when I had a dream

- John Prine

Some of you know that I have the craziest dreams and that I occasionally post them on Facebook. Here is a small collection of those dreams in which John Prine made an appearance. September 28, 2018 In my dream, I was on a rock and roll river cruise boat, starring (and curated by) Drivin N Cryin. The other bands that were playing were made up in my weird mind but they had names like Tool Kit and Monkey (made up of alumni of various Atlanta bands).

As I was wandering around the boat, I came upon a younger John Prine in a hot tub - he was fully dressed but didn't have his cowboy boots on. I got in, also still dressed, and we chatted awhile.

June 21, 2018 Waking in the middle of the night from a dream in which John Prine was playing a college gig. The green room was the cafeteria. He was seated at a table talking to some people. A landline rang in the room, it was Paul Westerberg calling for John (who didn’t seem to know who he was or at least, didn’t want to talk to him). John took the call, spoke for a few minutes and after hanging up, asked me to send his new record to Paul. So now I guess I work for John Prine???

April 26, 2017 My dream! Wesley Stace was in a musical featuring punk and rock songs. I was in the audience with my parents. In acoustic song before intermission, he was joined by two guests not usually in the musical: Ray Davies and John Prine. Ray's guitar broke at the neck mid-song but he carried on. During intermission, my parents and I went backstage. Wes showed me a film on his phone. His family members were in it but it was artsy to say the least. There was more chat and visiting among everyone. Pretty great!

April 19, 2015 No surprise after posting/talking about his record store day release and later, a video clip, I dreamt about John Prine. He was younger; I was as I am now. We were in an old fashioned soda shop, there was a gleaming wood bar. It was apparently being used as the green room for a show. He was behind the bar, I was sitting across from him. We were talking about the television show, Nashville. Then, when it came time for him to play, it was supposed to be Grimey's but it was the auditorium in my hometown. Only during the show did I find out it was going to be his last. There was a woman in the audience with a typewriter, taking notes on that thing during the songs. "Sam Stone, came home (DING) to his wife and family (CLICK CLICK CLICK) after serving in the conflict overseas (DING).”

I’ve had lots of other dreams in which John starred or had a cameo appearance (including one where I gave him a very cool quilted wall hanging) but apparently didn’t share them for posterity with you all here. But I do look forward to the next one and more in the future.

I had a dream last night Birds were flying left and right Everyone was looking for something to do I even thought I had a chance with you Last night when I had a dream

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