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Here's Where It Got Weird: Zora and Marlene (plus Wanda and Nell)

In 1973, my family, our neighbors across the street, and some school friends, for reasons unknown to me now, started fooling around with a Ouija board. Something eventually happened that caused me to jump up and run away. But in September, it seemed like harmless fun... even when a spirit guide warned my mother (Marlene) - quite insistently - about a storm and a flood. Sure, it was hurricane season in Louisiana, not much of a stretch. The war stuff, none of us knew about any of that. Who knows if it's right.

The questions we asked are not documented*, but I have a transcript of the message, given over several days to whomever sat down at the board. Sometimes it's nonsense, sometimes it's all too clear. Spelling is atrocious (water is always spelled watter), where I can, I'll fix it. This is a small part, I'll post more from different spirit guides another time. They give my dad (Jerry) career advice and Wanda and Zora have a disagreement. Yes, really.

*if a question is noted, I will put it in parentheses.

September 15...

No other one person.

(Who is Jerry's guide?) Zora. Want Zora. Let no man wootlw ok on map.

Killed in war 1918.


Live in Louisiana near Opelousas. Lived out away to Kansas. Now dead. War in Germany 1918. Killed on prison.

Wanted fame and went to war. Killed on June 25.

Zora wants to take care of you. About storm. Zora will tell Marlene about her house.

Slow questions. Too many ask. Zora wants to help. Make better questions. Slow make clear.

Unit 239 Air my took airplane ride lost shot down put in prison June 25

Not looking back on wing when nillom burst and was knocked out. Put in prison.

No Army officer. Don't know why went was just there and asked to go and I went but I can't say why. Just did.

Zora knows about airplane. It was a single wing 290 and used for observing ground movement not fighter. Mono kept for observations. Was known as single wing x290 now no more like it. Was not only one in war, many like it.

Ask keep asking about house.

Zora will help Marlene find about storm. Ask.

On September faynbitu storm to Morgan City bkeownf. No. Askaskask.

Storm on MC. Better caught water and rain. Wind look like weather bad. Knock down lines. Rain monak kem jewal make water back up on your house. Marlene's house will get little water. Lake back up and get in house. Make out like no flood but cause by lake on September 29.

May on m go away school be closed. No reason not to leave. Job can wait. Yes. Go some other place. Water will be higher than flood. Zora knows about storm.

OK. Pay attention. Road will be bad after Monday. Bad water and wind make sick or rise. And rise. Yesterday I told about storm and you not believe Zora.

Go on September 24 and leave out other way. Stay until water goes down. House wet and messy. But stay away. The water will go down. And then come home. Yes.

(Asked more about the war) Balkwin Balkawin Germany.

(American plane?) Yes.

(Why put in prison) Was put away because war not over. War knit war was not wover. But soon look it up and you will understand what I mean. You can find it in library.

Zora knows about war. Yes.

Known as Beaugh, when in Louisiana. Howard Breaugh lived in Louisiana 1900 to 1917. Dead 1918. Check out dates. Yes.

(Married?) Yes.

(Children) Yes.

Left wife and gal. Went away. Left wife and ran off before war. Not family man.

(Wife's name?) Katherine Beaugh. She dead now.

(Maiden name?) Warner. From Kansas.

Ran away didn't love wife. She made Zora mad. Ran away. Zora first. Ward 1900.

Zora lonesome teverone [everyone?] but some not all the time.

Howard was bad sometime but Zora good.

Zora wants to take care of you because you need me to tell you about storm. Come back after storm. After storm. Zora will come and help out.

Zora came from Kansas 1900. Died 1918.

Bad letters to talk thru slow questions not necessarily.

Almost yes but can't tell what look like. All same to Zora. Look same to Zora. Yes.

You can tell what Zora did look like. Picture in library. Look up Beaugh was War Hero 1917. Army officer war 1917.

Dead now. Almost see you but I know about storm. More later.

Now see mistake. War bad.

Bank at Opelousas. But have name on war letter. Lived on River. Louisiana.

(In what town did you join the army) Baton Rouge. Date not clear. In winter went to Baton Rouge. 1917.

(When where you born?) About 1883. Married at 20. Get book on war hero and look up Beaugh, Howard 1918 June 25.


Zora Zora back to storm. put racypey p 820 phypmoy


Zora Zora. Make Zora look silly. Maybe Zora won't answer when ask silly questions.

(How old?) Don't know just know lived ma many years ago.

Be careful storm on way soon. Water rising Wanda killed on storm. Be careful on storm.

September 16...

Zora will answer. Water will come September 24. Yes. Lake rise. Lake just lake. Yes. Water get in street.

Car will not go. Water will empty city. Over 9 inches. Rain week. Rain all week. 9 inches. Yes.

Did want to get warning thru. Yes.

Only wind and water will be in house. Leave on Monday. Danger. Only to s1010 [or slolo]. Some not wet till pump runs water out. Keep the cars out.

Did want to tell you. Yes.

Save trouble. Yes.

Did understand. Marlene.

School not be out Monday. Take time off.

Worry about school. Marlene not want to believe.

Put up blowaways.

Be careful. Water bad. Go on lake. Yes.

Brown killed in war.

A1 F after. Yes.

Died on kaclutn oller kept on. Yes.


Wanda. (Wanda?) Yes.

But a not her kagbsxat your kawst. Yes.

Wanda study norwa.

Wanda yes. But another kagbsx at your kawst. Yes.

Wanda study Norway. Yes.

Been lost. Yes.

Other around. New Connecticut. Yes.

Yond made Quebec. Yes.

No. Yes. Big warning. Yes.

Come soon. Yes. Rain and wind. Rain until about in house you. Yes. Wanda. No last name.

(How old?) Can't say because would not understand. Life is many stages just on and on long past here.

Better. Can't be in two places but will answer questions. Yes.

Reasonable questions.

Another soul. Yes. Yes.

Zora good. War yes. died in war.

Wanda died very bad way don't ask. Yes. Bad way to make transition. Don't ask.

Wanda killed. Ran away but he killed Wanda. Now don't ask about Wanda.

(A violent death?) Yes. Murdered. Just icen.

Quit asking about Wanda. Put Nell in touch. Nell was friend of Joyce [Marlene's first name.]. Nell still will help Joyce. Yes.

Now past making unhappy. Yes.

Nell is talking to Joyce. Yes. Yes.

Wanda. Yes.

Take care of yourself. Yes. Joyce don't yes wait too long. You don't yes have yes go too many years. Yes. Make your life worthwhile. Yes. Some have more time. Yes.

Story has many meanings. Yes.

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