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Be Myself Again

Updated: Jul 11

The trip to Atlanta was not about Del Amitri.

Well, it was but it wasn’t ONLY about them.

It was about being out in the world wearing a cute outfit - not sweats and sneakers - even if I might be too old to wear the white boots.

It was about going to hear live music, any music though in this case it happened to be my beloved Del Amitri. That it was in Atlanta, the place that shaped my formative years in the music industry was a bonus.

But mostly it was about feeling like myself, as much as possible, after a couple of really difficult years and knowing more hard times are to come. I said I was going to do this thing and I did. All plans fell apart and I did it anyway. And that folks, is as me as anything.

I had a wonderful night out, heard one of my favorite bands playing their best songs and got my picture taken with Justin Currie.

Not bad for someone with Stage 4 cancer. And I’m going to keep on doing the things I want to do for as long as I can do them.

Couple of shoutouts: Michael Ackerman for alerting me to the tour in the first place; Clay Harper for the hospitality of his guest suite even though he was out of town and Valarie Williams for letting me slide on in behind her on the photo op. Also, big love to two of my former 688 Records interns, Gretchen Wood and Angel Whitworth for long overdue squeezes!

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