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Atlanta People Ca. Early '80s

I'll get to that.

But first, lemme tell you, I didn't bother with Mad Men when it started. I had too many other shows going and my TiVo would only record two shows simultaneously and well, I just didn't want to.

Time has revealed it to be, not only popular, but of some level of quality television. Accolades, fans, who am I to argue with that?

So I started watching on Netflix and have made my way through the seasons. Only if you watched, or are watching, will you be able to relate, to tell me if I'm imagining things... or making something out of nothing.

I wish I could say what episode it was but I can't because I've gone past it by now. But it's something that has stuck with me. The agency was charged with bringing in a young team, an artist and a writer. Both guys were named Smith so they were called Smitty and Kurt. Kurt invited Peggy to a Bob Dylan concert and when he was teased about it being a date, he bluntly said, "I date the men." Someone else in the room said, "What?" and a third person said, "Kurt is a homo."

Kurt is a homo.

Atlanta hipsters of the early 1980s, you surely must remember, right? Stenciled all over town, mid-town, Buckhead, Brookhaven, L5P. Kurt is a homo.

Billy Bragg even made mention of it during his show at 688. He said, "I've learnt two fings whilst in Etlanna. 1. (something I can't recall what he said) and 2. Kurt... is a homo.

Now I ask you, my 1980s Atlanta people... is it a coincidence? Or is there a writer on the show from Atlanta? It's just such a very specific thing. I can't stop rolling it over in my mind.

What say you, 1980s Atlanta people?

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