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All You Ladies And Gentlemen...

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

I’m home. I’ve been a woman on the verge all the way back. I’ve been awake more than 30 hours at this point, uncomfortable most of the time and downright annoyed for some of it. But I am home. And I had a wonderful trip so here’s a li’l shout out to all who contributed to making it so. The official reason for the trip was to be there at the end of the Carousel One tour so first and foremost, here’s to Ron Sexsmith. Major props to his band, Don Kerr, Jason Mercer, Kevin Lacroix and Dave Matheson who, as always, make it look easy to pull off singing like angels. Evan Thompson keeps it between the ditches in more ways than one and this year, Colleen Hixenbaugh was along for the ride working hard for the money. On this trip, Tombowler Entertainment was the promoter, thanks to everyone involved, starting from the top with David Williams all the way through each venue and their staffs. Cooking Vinyl Australia did that thing they do (tip of the toque to Andrew and Janine) and Danae and Emma from Remedy PR really got Ron out there in front of people. Basement Discs, Pat Monaghan, Suzanne Bennett and all made one more in a long line of great in-stores for Ron. Always a pleasure.

Big love to all the friends and fans throughout Australia but I was especially thrilled to spend a bit of time with Ronheads, Violeta Balhas and Dave Hyland (and maybe all is forgiven after the mix up at RAH a few years ago!!!)

Personally though, the rest of the week was about my friends, old and new: Paul Rigby, I kind of ran out of time but I’m glad I got to at least give you a squeeze and spend the afternoon with you; Kevin O'Rafferty, thank goodness we were able to take the day trip this time - nice lunch and all but hanging at your place was the best plus thanks for driving me to the Caravan and the hang there; Sue-Ann Chapple Van Twuyver, and Tim Chapple, dinner in the suburbs was just the right touch of home and it was lovely to see the two of you face to face; Bek Duke, friend of a friend finally connected with; Julitha Ryan, hugs and lunch and the opportunity for me to experience that great cackle of a laugh (and thanks for the loan of the car); Paul Shannon and Beryl Thorncroft, thank you for the rides and coming to the show and the chance to meet you both; Sean Simmons and Bronwyn Henderson, thank you for the bbq which was a chill way to end the trip if it had to end and more; and thanks, as always, to Chris Chapple for the company, for doing things you didn’t necessarily want to do and being a good sport.

I might be missing someone but only because I’m so very tired. And too many of you I didn’t get to see... next time. I won’t be back soon, but I will be back.

“All you ladies and gentlemen, who made it all so probable.”

Much love to each of you ~ Cathy

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