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Adventures In Cathyland

I needed to stop for gas on the way home. I usually don't stop at this time of day - the Speedway gets crowded and there is not real good flow. But I didn't want to wait until morning and I really needed gas.

I'm waiting my turn, even have my blinker on to indicate that I will be pulling in after the person in front of me finishes. Here comes a great big van from the other direction and pulls in ahead of me. I am pissed. But, hey, it ain't worth getting shot for. Then I notice it... the ridiculata on the back of the van in the form of a bumper sticker:


You know that one that uses different religious symbols to say "let's all get along and be considerate of each other." That one.

So, skinny rocker dude climbs down from the van and goes inside. That's right, he goes inside. Okay, I think, maybe he has to pay in cash. After a little while, here he comes with a bag of groceries. Then he puts his card in the pump! WHAT? He is paying at the pump. Couldn't the other rocker dude in the passenger seat have done that? I guess not.

It's a van, you know? It takes a long time to fill up. But I wait, wait, wait. Dude's not lookin' at me, I'm not lookin' at him. Finally, I hear the click of the pump. Is he done? No he is not done. He has to "top it off." Squeeze, squeezesqueeze, squeeze. Ah, finished.

He's gonna hop right in his van and make way, right? I've been sitting there all this time so he's gonna hurry, right? Noooooo. HE GOES BACK INSIDE. INSIDE THE STORE.

More groceries. Seriously?

I slowly shake my head, staring him down now. He shrugs and says, "What? It takes a long time to fill up." I said, "Perhaps you'll figure it out one day." He shrugs again, hops in his van and... does not leave!!!

He's gonna show me. COEXIST my a$$.

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